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Computer Based Training (CBT)

Computer Based Training or CBT is a highly efficient and exciting means of coaching and learning. Based on studies conducted by a panel of researchers, learning through visual association has by far created notable impressions among young and old alike.

CBT (Computer Based Training), WBT (Web Based Training) and Educational CD ROM Titles create a virtual classroom like effect and a learning environment that is interactive, diligent and recurring. It matches the user's individual grasping power and progresses at his/her own rate.

Creative Approaches has been doing CBT Conversion for over twenty years. Since 1983, not only have we developed a variety of effective ways to put CBT content into a CBT course, we have also devised tools and techniques to take content out of a CBT course. This means that a course developed for one environment can be converted to another at considerably less cost than redeveloping the course from scratch.

At Xmedia our e-learning consultants can storyboard your concept from start to finish by incorporating all the elements of your learning curve. No e-learning project is too small or large for Vistas. Your password-protected WBT content can be securely integrated into your web site so that your employees can either be trained or study in a self-paced environment anywhere in the world.

E-learning solutions from India include developing WBT's and CBT's for Corporates with:

  • Fonts that are incorrect or missing
  • Banding of colors
  • Spot colors that are not converted to process colors and vice versa
  • Image trapping
  • Bleeds that are not adequate
  • Hairline rules Hidden elements
  • TIFF files that have not been converted from RGB mode to CMYK mode
  • Incorrect instructions on job tickets
  • Disks that are not usable