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E-Learning (CBT/WBT solutions for corporate and educational institutes)

Educational institutes and organizations are realizing the potential of e-learning as an effective means to instruct and inform employees and students about new concepts and ideas. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of e-learning solutions is the opportunity of self-paced learning that it provides to the learners. Additionally e-learning solutions provide the opportunity to better the learning curve by integrating interactivity with the solution. E-learning solutions that involve users, are eye catching, fun as well as informative, lead to an increased amount of information being retained by learners.

Our e-learning packages that include CBTs (Computer Based Tutorials) and WBTs (Web Based Tutorials) incorporate various multimedia elements to provide a better understanding and insight to a concept and can be used as ready reference guides. We understand the fact that e-learning is not just about imparting course content online, it is about presenting the content in a creative manner thus enriching the whole learning experience.

Creative Approaches has been doing CBT Conversion for over twenty years. Since 1983, not only have we developed a variety of effective ways to put CBT content into a CBT course, we have also devised tools and techniques to take content out of a CBT course. This means that a course developed for one environment can be converted to another at considerably less cost than redeveloping the course from scratch.

Why would you want to do this?

  • You do not have the authoring system needed to make desired changes
  • The organization has selected a new system as the standard
  • You do not have time to learn the authoring system used to create the course
  • The present authoring system makes revisions difficult
  • The old system lacks features (e.g. LAN support) or vendor support
  • You cannot obtain the source code from the initial vendor
  • You need to put a PC-based course on the internet
  • The current system vendor requires expensive licensing fees

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