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E-Learning (CBT/WBT solutions for corporate and educational institutes)
Educational institutes and organizations are realizing the potential of e-learning as an effective means to instruct and inform employees and students about new concepts and ideas. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of e-learning solutions is the opportunity of self-paced learning that it provides to the learners. Additionally e-learning solutions provide the opportunity to better the learning curve by integrating interactivity with the solution. E-learning solutions that involve users, are eye catching, fun as well as informative, lead to an increased amount of information being retained by learners.

Our e-learning packages that include CBTs (Computer Based Tutorials) and WBTs (Web Based Tutorials) incorporate various multimedia elements to provide a better understanding and insight to a concept and can be used as ready reference guides. We understand the fact that e-learning is not just about imparting course content online, it is about presenting the content in a creative manner thus enriching the whole learning experience.

Creative Approaches has been doing CBT Conversion for over twenty years. Since 1983, not only have we developed a variety of effective ways to put CBT content into a CBT course, we have also devised tools and techniques to take content out of a CBT course. This means that a course developed for one environment can be converted to another at considerably less cost than redeveloping the course from scratch.

Why would you want to do this?
  You do not have the authoring system needed to make desired changes
  The organization has selected a new system as the standard
  You do not have time to learn the authoring system used to create the course
  The present authoring system makes revisions difficult
  The old system lacks features (e.g. LAN support) or vendor support
  You cannot obtain the source code from the initial vendor
  You need to put a PC-based course on the internet
  The current system vendor requires expensive licensing fees
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